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Check out these 20 interesting places to visit in Lisbon, so nearby the Atelier house, that you can walk to them.
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    Monastery of Jerónimos (150m) +

    A masterpiece of Portuguese architecture from the 16th century, it is classified as a National Monument and UNESCO World Heritage.

    It is located in one of the most qualified areas of Lisbon, a historical and monumental place next to the Tagus River, where the ships and caravels set sail at the time of the Discoveries that would give "new worlds to the world".

  • 2
    National Museum of Archeology (300m) +

    It presents to the public updated repositories of human occupation in Portuguese territory, from the origins of the settlement, to the foundation of nationality.

    It is located in Monastery of Jerónimos western wing.

  • 3
    Museum of the Navy (500m) +

    Exhibiting several models of Galés, river and coastal vessels, ships from the Discoveries to the XIX century, and a vast collection of weapons, uniforms, navigation instruments and maritime charts.

    It is located in Monastery of Jerónimos left side of the western wing.

  • 4
    Calouste Gulbenkian Planetarium (700m) +

    A Center of Living Science, it recreates the night sky and reveals the mysteries of the cosmos.

    It is located next to Monastery of Jerónimos.

  • 5
    Belém Cultural Center (450m) +

    Cultural and congress center that promote culture, exhibiting shows from theatre to dance, from classical music to jazz, from opera to cinema.

  • 6
    Monument of the Discoveries and Compass Rose (700m) +

    The Monument to the Discoveries evokes the Portuguese overseas expansion, recalls the country’s glorious past and symbolises the enormity of the work carried out by the Infante, the driving force behind the Discoveries.

  • 7
    Belém Tower (1400m) +

    One of the city's “ex libris”, strategically built on the north bank of the Tagus river between 1515 and 1520, was part of a defensive system, a synthesis between the medieval tower and the modern bastion, with pieces of artillery.It’s an UNESCO World Heritage.

  • 8
    Fortress Bom-Sucesso (1800m) +

    Built in 1782 as part of the Tagus river defensive line it’s nowadays the Combatant Museum and the Overseas Combatants Memorial.

  • 9
    Tropical Botanical Garden (100m) +

    Specialised in tropical and subtropical flora, it includes a total of more than 500 species from different continents.

  • 10
    National Palace of Belém (200m) +

    The Palace of Belém is the Portuguese Republic President official residence. It includes the Republic Presidential Museum.

  • 11
    Royal Riding School (350m) +

    Old Royal Riding School built in 1787, it’s nowadays enclosed in the Coach Museum and has an exhibition with carriages and berlins.

  • 12
    National Coach Museum (500m) +

    The museum has one of the finest collections of historical carriages in the world.

  • 13
    Museum of Electricity (800m) +

    The Central Tejo is a unique example of the historical, industrial and architectural heritage of the first half of the 20th century.

  • 14
    MAAT (950m) +

    Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology.

  • 15
    National Cordoaria (1300m) +

    The National Rope Factory produced ropes, cables, sails and other equipment for ships. It is considered one of the most outstanding examples of seventeenth century industrial architecture, being classified as a National Monument.It currently functions as temporary exhibition space.

  • 16
    National Museum of Ethnology (1000m) +

    The National Museum of Ethnology consists of around 40.000 objects, collected in several parts of the world, although the most representative collections are the ones from Portugal – both continental and insular – and those from the former colonies.

  • 17
    Ajuda Botanical Garden (1000m) +

    With an area of 3.5 ha follows the Renaissance models on terraces carved on the slope, having three fundamental elements, sculpted stone, plants and water in fountains and lakes. It includes the botanical collection, the ornamental walking garden, the "scent garden" designed for blind people and the arborinho.

  • 18
    Ajuda National Palace (1600m) +

    Formerly a royal palace it is now a national monument and museum. It’s the only palace in Lisbon that still reliably preserves the layout and decoration of the rooms to the taste of the XIX century. It integrates important collections of decorative arts from the XVIII and XIX centuries: jewellery, tapestry, furniture, glass, ceramics, painting, engraving, sculpture and photography.

  • 19
    Berardo Collection Museum (500m) +

    Museum of modern and contemporary art.

  • 20
    Church of Memory (700m) +

    A baroque church with neoclassical characteristics. It was built in the 18th century, in memory of a failed attempt to the life of King D. José I. This church is a national heritage and contains the remains of the Marquis of Pombal.

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Beautiful, cozy, great mix between vintage and modern style. But the best is really its awesome location, just a few steps away (literally) from "Pastéis de Belém" and "Mosteiro dos Jerónimos".

Pedro Alves from Portugal

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